Town Hall

Visit the vibrant Market Square with the characteristic Town Hall

Dating from the end of the 19th century the Town Hall is the most characteristic and famous building in Brzozów. It looks great on the renovated market square, surrounded by tenement houses. In 1925, a clock made in the First National Factory of Tower Clocks by Michał Mięsowicz in Krosno was installed on the tower. In the following years, it was rebuilt several times, which changed its original appearance. In the 1940s, the helmet was removed from the tower and two wooden storeys were added, thus obtaining an observation deck. In the 1960s, the wooden structure was replaced with the current brick one. In the years 2010-2011, the town hall underwent a major renovation of the interior and the facade.

Inside the Town Hall there is the Regional Museum and the Registry Office.


Location and contact information

Rynek 10
36-200 Brzozów