Regional Museum

While in Brzozów it is worth visiting the museum located in the Town Hall of Brzozów. The facility is named after historian Adam Fastnacht. You can see exhibits in the field of archeology, ethnography, history, the art of the region, folk culture, and old everyday objects. You will see exhibitions valuable for the city and the region at specially organized temporary presentations. On the other hand, the permanent exposition, entitled “From the history and culture of the Brzozów region”, presenting the reconstruction of the bourgeois salon and peasant chamber, sculptures and paintings by regional artists, and the history of the region through craftsmanship.

The oldest and most interesting exhibits of the Brzozów museum are flint and stone hatchets and hatchets from the Neolithic period (4.5-1.7 thousand years BC) found in the vicinity of Brzozów and the craftsmanship of which Brzozów was famous – pipes from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries and the combing workshop of Jan Fal – the last master in this trade in Brzozów.


Location and contact information

Adam Fastnacht  Regional Museum
10 Market Square
36-200 Brzozów
Phone: + 48 13 434 18 56

Opening hours:

  • January-May and September-December, Mon-Fri at 7.00-14.30
  • June-August: Mon, Wed, Fri, 10:00 7.00-14.30, Tue and Thurs. 7.00-16.30
  • April 1 to September 30, Sat. and Sun at 9.00-12.30