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Nature and educational path “Brzozów-Zdrój”

3 km from the center of Brzozów there is a well-marked nature and educational path “Brzozów-Zdrój”

The name comes from the spa facility that operated in this place before World War II. At the end of the 19th century, during the search for crude oil, water was found in which minerals with healing properties were discovered. On this basis, in the years 1926–1928, thanks to the efforts of the bishop of Przemyśl  Anatol Nowak, a medical facility was established specializing in the treatment of rheumatism, rickets, atherosclerosis, and kidney failure. The facility was destroyed during World War II. The remains of foundations and other objects are still visible today. Healing water is currently not extracted.

Czarno-białe zdjęcie w grubej ramce z ciemengo lakierowanego drewna

Near the parking lot, which is also the beginning and end of the path, there is a well-kept shelter with a place for a fire and benches, and a large map. The votive chapel built in the place where the Theological Seminary was moved from Przemyśl to Brzozów because, under Soviet and German occupation, there were no conditions for the relatively normal functioning of the seminary. The forest seminary was opened on May 10, 1940. Altogether almost 100 priests were ordained here.

The path runs through the forest with rich species composition and a diversified structure: oak-sycamore-fir stands, old larch, oak, and fir trees.

The 3 km long loop has 14 information and education boards, which help to notice the natural peculiarities and beauty of the forest. This route is ideal for family trips.

Dwie kobiety w sportowych strojach z kijakmi do nordic walking stoją w lesie. na pierwszym planie tablica edukacyjna w drewnianej ramie

Wiata w lesie pokryta grubą warstwą świeżego śniegu

How to get there

From Brzozów drive in the direction of Zmiennica and after approx. 3 km at the monument to the Holocaust victims of Brzozów turn right into the asphalt forest road to the parking lot.

Jordan Park in Brzozów

A green oasis in the town center. The name comes from the name of the doctor Henryk Jordan, the originator, and founder of the first garden of this type in Cracow. Dr. Jordan promoted the idea of ​​setting up green complexes with places for play and movement games in cities for children and even to conduct workshops for manual work and cultivation of experimental plots. He tried to shift the public’s perception of the importance of physical education and making people realize that physical exercise is equally important to the intellectual development of children while shaping their personalities.

The park in Brzozów refers to this idea. Among the greenery, there is a well-equipped playground and an outdoor gym, as well as walking paths and plenty of space for jogging. Special events, picnics, and festivals are held here.

At the main entrance, there is a monument “To the Memory of the Nation to those who gave their lives to Poland 1939-1989”.

Aleja w parku, po obu stronach latarnie na czarnych słupach

Park zimową porą, na pierwszym planie dwie czarne latarnie