Start your business in Brzozów

Starting a business is not complicated. You can do it without leaving your home by using the website.

If you already have all the necessary information for company registration, you should apply to the appropriate office / registry. It depends on the type of company you have chosen.

One-person company (self-employment)

You register in the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity (CEIDG). You can do it online or submit an application to the Municipal Office.

You also do not have to go to the Tax Office, GUS, ZUS or KRUS, your application is transferred automatically. The CEIDG system will send a confirmation of submitting the application to the e-mail address provided by you or inform about errors that need to be corrected. Within 7 days of starting your activity, you must apply to ZUS to register as an insured person, because when submitting the CEIDG-1 application, you are registered with ZUS only as a payer.

Note – dealing with matters online will make it easier to have a trusted profile. If you use electronic banking, you can confirm a trusted profile through selected banks without visiting an office. Then you will be able to deal with matters, log in to CEIDG and, and sign applications using your online banking.

Civil company

You must register a civil company with the Central Statistical Office (REGON register). Partners (natural persons) should be registered in CEIDG.

obtain a REGON number for a civil partnership

obtain a tax identification number for a civil company

Limited liability company

You register a limited liability company in the National Court Register.

In the Municipal Office in Brzozów, matters related to economic activity are conducted by the Department of Real Estate Management and Infrastructure. Please contact us.