Money for start-ups

It is known that starting a business is associated with costs. When looking for money to start, first look at the opportunities available in our region.

Starting platform: Start In Podkarpackie

The industry specialization of the Platform was established on the basis of smart specializations of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship. Taking into account the experience gained by the Rzeszów Regional Development Agency from participation in the previous edition of the Start-up Platforms, it was established that the most innovative business ideas arise in the IT area, which smoothly blends with the other indicated industries. Their selection is also related to the availability of technical, expert and mentoring facilities in the voivodeship and the potential of local universities.

It is worth taking part in the Startup School, a free series of trainings where you can learn how to open or develop a beginner business, and above all how to apply to the Start In Podkarpacie Start Platform.

Basic information can be found on the Start in Podkarpackie website.


Financial assistance for entrepreneurs

Anti-crisis shields

During the coronavirus pandemic, entrepreneurs are looking for financial help to maintain liquidity and jobs. Aid is provided to various industries as part of successive financial shields. Current information can be found on the website of the Marshal Office of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship.

Loans co-financed from European funds

Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (BGK)

Under the agreement concluded with the Board of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship, EU loans have been made available on preferential terms since November 2016. Among them there are products addressed both to people starting a business and to enterprises already operating:

  • a microloan for starting a business
  • liquidity loan – available only until the end of December 2020

Recruitment for a standard loan and a standard-innovative loan was suspended due to the great interest of entrepreneurs.

Check the current offer.

Rzeszów Regional Development Agency (RARR)

RARR offers:

  • a standard innovative loan 1 and 2
  • loans to start
  • working capital and investment loans for small enterprises
  • microloans.

Check the current offer.

Podkarpackie Development Fund

The Fund based in Rzeszów is a local government company and its task is to offer financial instruments for the development of SMEs in Podkarpacie. The support offered by the Fund is intended in particular for companies with difficult access to financing.

The fund offers, among others a liquidity loan, which can be applied for by entrepreneurs who have the status of a micro, small enterprise or medium enterprise.

Check the current offer.