Market-oriented education

Graduates of primary schools in our commune have a large selection of institutions where they can continue their education and acquire professions sought by companies from the region.

Secondary schools

I Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Króla Kazimierza Wielkiego (King Casimir the Great High School)
prof. Walerian Pańka 2
36-200 Brzozów
phone: + 48 13 434 17 74

Zespół Szkół Budowlanych im. Tadeusza Kościuszki
(Tadeusz Kościuszko Construction School Complex)
Słoneczna 6
36-200 Brzozów
phone: + 48 13 434 18 51

  • Secondary School: classes with a computer science and European profile
  • Secondary School for adults
  • Technical school: Construction technician, Technician of renewable energy devices and systems, Road construction technician, IT technician, Surveyor technician, Landscape architecture technician
  • 1st degree trade school: Bricklayer-plasterer, Fitter of sanitary networks and installations, Fitter of building and finishing works in construction, Car mechanic, Hairdresser, Baker, Cook, Confectioner, Salesman, Carpenter, Multi-professional class

Zespół Szkół Ekonomicznych im. KEN
(KEN Economic School Complex KEN)
prof. W. Pańki
136-200 Brzozów
phone: +48 13 434 17 

  • Technical school: Economist technician, Accounting technician, Merchant technician, Food and catering technician, Hospitality technician
  • Secondary School: classes with a profile of first aid and police law

Colleges in the area

You don’t have to travel far to continue your studies after high school. Higher education schools  operate in Krosno and Sanok, offering interesting specializations.

Training for entrepreneurs

The Development Services Database offers, inter alia, training courses, vocational courses, postgraduate studies, consulting, coaching and mentoring.